Trevor donovan and jessica stroup dating

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Teddy suggests he set him up with a date, but he insists he is cool.Back at the sign, Jasper figures that Annie doesn't love him anymore and leaps off the sign. She admits that Jasper jumped off the sign and hurt himself. Herman tells Annie to go home and take care of herself.ADRIANNA AND GIA TAKE THEIR RELATIONSHIP PUBLIC – Annie (Shenae Grimes) deals with the outcome of Jasper's (Zach Sherman) decision to jump from the Hollywood sign and begins to find some peace with her situation.

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He says Jasper wanted to talk to her before he goes. She was sitting all alone when Dixon came and lied to her telling her that he was a player and kissed her. From now on, no matter what you decide, no matter what you do, you’re not in this alone.” At the beginning Teddy had a crush on her, but Silver rejects, after all the rejections Teddy does not give up and he asks her out to the Winter wonderland prom where he tells her they should go as 'friends' but ends up kissing her which made her hate him even more but from the advice that Naomi gave Silver, she decided to go and give him a chance but when she came she saw Teddy with another women which was actually his sister.She does seem like she is interested in him again but after he makes a homophobic comment towards Ian she decides she never wants a relationship with him ever again. The more a throught about it, the more I realized I shouldn't be picking between Navid and Liam. After Ian tells her that Teddy apoligised for making that homophobic comment and thats not the type of guy he is, she decides to forgive him and kisses him wanting to get back together, Teddy admits they can't as he is gay.

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